2014 EVVA electronic systems arrive
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After several years of research and development, EVVA presented by far the biggest electronic innovation in its history: The Xesar and AirKey access platforms AirKeyeasily opens doors with a smartphone. Customers can immediately assign or also revoke new keys using AirKey online administration, for example for delivery people, in assisted living facilities or for neighbours while you are away on holiday. Lost keys are no longer an issue. The highly secure encryption technology is state of the art and meets e-banking standards. AirKey meets strict General Data Protection Regulations.

Xesaris suitable for any access situation. Without the need for complex wiring, new, changed or deleted access authorisations can be transferred to all doors using identification media (cards, key tags, combi keys, etc.). This feature is possible thanks to the Xesar virtual network. Xesar meets the highest security standards.

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