1973Madness vs. foresight
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Nikolaus Bujas acquired EVVA and paid 10.2 million schillings for EVVA-WERK, Karl Jindrich K.G. On top of that, the creditors demanded millions more. And so, on 1 December 1973, Nikolaus Bujas became the CEO of EVVA, without ever having set foot in the company. Although it must have seemed gutsy to take over the company, only a short time later the purchase would prove to be very far-sighted. The new management not only saved the company from folding, it also propelled it to new heights. Nikolaus Bujas and his son-in-law Sven Berlage, who shortly after became a member of the management, were strong willed, down-to-earth, enterprising and determined, and they passed these attributes on to the company.