Rudolf EliasA drink to seal the deal
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Our specialist security store has been a close partner of EVVA for over 45 years. Together we have, for example, installed countless security systems in schools in Vienna. During this time we have obviously noticed how the business and industry have changed and evolved. In addition to mechanical locking systems, their electronic counterparts have become more and more important. Many processes have been automated, bringing about many advantages, but also disadvantages. We used to be in direct contact with the production bosses, but these days most of it is done via e-mail. However, I still have my personal contacts at EVVA – and in terms of delivery time and quality, the company has always been outstanding. One thing has, however, changed considerably: in the past, contracts were sealed with a glass of wine or a schnapps. Not anymore these day, this ritual seems to have changed ;-) After a meeting with an EVVA manager in our shop, I noticed he had secretly emptied his glass of red wine into the bin. But he did apologise afterwards with a box of six bottles *laughs*.