Johannes Cech Peter HalperOscar-worthy performance at the negotiating table
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For two generations we have been supplying EVVA with high-precision small parts, such as gate valves or rotors. Of course we have also had to increase our rates over the years and pass the costs on to customers. Back in the 1970s my father had a special strategy. During price negotiations he always wore his oldest coat and put on a tattered hat. He was lucky he was never shot by a hunter, that’s how shabby he looked *laughs*. He wanted to give the impression that he was also doing it tough in order for his price increases to be accepted. And this strategy was really necessary with EVVA because the management was well known for its strong negotiating skills. I think his psychological tactics even worked out once or twice *laughs*.

To this day we collaborate very closely with EVVA and maintain a professional and often also entertaining relationship.

We still laugh about this story today. I also remember how Johannes Cech, who took over the company from his father at the beginning of the 1980s, tried a similar negotiating trick, involuntarily. He injured himself on the boot of his car in the EVVA car park and bled heavily. He approached me and said: "Mr Halper, you don’t need to make me bleed anymore in the price negotiations today. Look at me!” Well, his father never resorted to such drastic measures *laughs*.