Heike VölknerA public phone booth for an office
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After the reunification of Germany, EVVA set up a sales office in East Berlin's Köpenickerstrasse in 1990. The telephone connection to the West was still poor. For this reason, employees in East Berlin had to drive to the nearest phone booth in West Berlin to make phone calls! Unthinkable today, but it was the reality back then. When it was established in 1992, EVVA's subsidiary in Leipzig was still located in a dark backyard. We started with an old press for adding codes to bodies and keys as well as a milling machine. The first delivery for assembly weighed an incredible 3.6 tonnes, I still have the packing list today :-). The demand for our high-grade cylinder locks exceeded all expectations and our capacity many times over. Consequently, a new staff member was recruited on every month starting from September 1992 and at the beginning of 1993 there were 7 employees working in production.