Hans MahlerLast minute key handover
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It was the summer of 2017, and it looked very much like a master key system that had been promised to a large Swiss residential development would not be delivered on time. This would have meant paying a contractual penalty. Together with EVVA Switzerland we tried everything to still make this mission impossible happen. The EVVA workshop accepted the challenge and produced the system in record time. But would it also get to the customer on time?

An EVVA team member was sitting on the plane – with 400 brand new ICS cylinders in her luggage that had just come from the workshop. When she arrived at Zürich Airport at 9 pm we, the Hans Mahler AG team, were already waiting for her. We loaded the system into our van and immediately installed it overnight with six of our staff. At 9.30 am the next morning, so only a few hours later, the housing company was proud to hand over the new EVVA keys to the delighted tenants. We had pulled it off together, thanks to a record-breaking team effort!