Eric StroobantThe phone rings, I pick up and...
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... Hear a very flustered voice at the other end of the line. The man explained that he was a locksmith and currently enforcing a seizure notice together with a bailiff. He was standing in front of a door with an EVVA cylinder installed and was unable to open the door. He asked me to tell him how he could manipulate the cylinder. I responded by saying I was unable to give him any information as I was not able to tell whether he was actually a locksmith and not just a regular burglar. The man suddenly became indignant. The police were also on scene and wanted him to open the door. However, I didn't budge and explained that the door was well protected and he wouldn’t be able to open it so easily. I put him in contact with a reliable EVVA Partner, a local locksmith we knew very well, telling him to contact them. At that point the caller was furious and just hung up. I thought that would be the end of it.

But some weeks later the caller was on the line again – suddenly ordering EVVA 3KS cylinders. The start of a new partnership! The incident on the phone may have been unpleasant, but ultimately it turned out to be further proof of the high quality of our cylinders.