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I will never forget the day that I joined EVVA 1981. Back then I was 24 years young and was working as a buyer for a different company, though I already had business contacts with EVVA. At a specialist exhibition in Salzburg EVVA's former Head of Sales offered me a job. I was very keen to work for EVVA and immediately handed in my notice. My boss was very angry and yelled at me, saying that he could not accept how the industry just poached the best workers. He said he would not stand for it, and would file a complaint against them for stealing workers and take them to court! And he would immediately stop trading with EVVA! My problem: being young and overconfident, I just handed in my notice without waiting for the written job offer from EVVA. Up to that point, everything had just been discussed verbally. Thus, I had no assurance and on top of it all, my former employer was threatening my new employer with legal action and the termination of the business relationship. And it was all my fault. I still remember how distressed I was. In this very troubling situation, I contacted EVVA. What former CEO Nikolaus Bujas said to me back then has left its mark on me to this day: "It doesn't matter how your former employer reacts, you are our man.” And as we agreed verbally, you will start here.” Despite the associated risks for EVVA, this was a sign of authenticity and trustworthiness – something that is increasingly rare in today’s business world. My former employer eventually calmed down and he even extended the partnership with EVVA. So, they did exactly the opposite of ending the business relationship. I have felt a close connection to EVVA since my first day.