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EVVA wins TRIGOS sustainability award

Press | 20. September 2021.
EVVA’s Clean Production has been awarded in the climate protection category.

TRIGOS is Austria’s most prestigious award for responsible business and has been awarded since 2004. Awards are given to companies that take a leading role and set an example for responsible business practices and sustainability. They make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the economy, society and the environment. EVVA was nominated in the climate protection category for its comprehensive central building control system and clean production initiatives. For EVVA, the TRIGOS in the climate protection category comes exactly nine years after winning the TRIGOS in the ecology category, the most important award for sustainability.

The jury of highly qualified experts awarded the TRIGOS to EVVA for its central building control system and promotion of clean production. The justification for the award was that "The expert in access systems has utilised artificial intelligence for heating and cooling, saving a huge amount of electricity. EVVA is also constantly increasing production without oil, emulsions or water." The winning companies stand out for anchoring responsible practices in their core business, their innovative initiatives and contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They all received the trophies designed by gabarage upcycling design. 

An award for all EVVA employees

After winning the TRIGOS in 2012 and being nominated in 2015, EVVA was in the final round for the third time in 2021. With success. "This success is due to the strong commitment and contributions of all EVVA employees, which make us one of the most sustainable companies in Austria!" said Mag. Nicole Ehrlich-Adám, CPO of EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH, who was delighted about the award. EVVA CEO Stefan Ehrlich-Adám is also thrilled about the TRIGOS Award: "The nomination alone underscores that we are leading by example in CSR. The fact that we came out top in the end proves our high CSR standards across all company departments."

One of the most important sustainability awards in Central Europe.

It was exciting live and via livestream until the end: EVVA was nominated for the TRIGOS award in the climate protection category together with two other companies, which had been picked from a total of 150 applications. EVVA Production Manager Martin Van Berkum accepted the TRIGOS Award at a celebratory gala. "It was a great honour for me to accept this important award on behalf of all EVVA employees. This award shows that our years of efforts in the area of clean production have paid off," Van Berkum stresses.

EVVA sustainability report

 And you can read all about EVVA's projects relating to ecology, economy and society in the digital sustainability report at www.EVVA.com/sustainability

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